DIY Project: Life Size Barbie Box

This year we celebrated my daughter's 5th birthday with a small "Pretty In Pink" party.   One of my favorite projects from this party was the life-size Barbie box; seriously, I might make one for my own birthday party. 

First, I had to find a box large enough for the mini Barb's that would attend the party which I found at Advanced Auto Parts for free.  If you're looking for a large box in your area, aside from local auto body shops or dealerships, I would suggest visiting stores that carry large appliances or electronics.  If you're not up for the scavenger hunt you can also purchase a wardrobe box from a local storage facility.  When I visited Advanced Auto Parts they had already cut the box in half.  However, it was a clean straight cut and it was the sturdiest box I had seen all day; I was able to easily tape it back together with duct tape.

Once the box was together again, I used a pencil to draw where I needed to cut the window and I cut along the lines using a sharp box cutter.  I purchased pink wrapping paper for the outside and I managed to find a silver, foil-like, wrapper paper for the inside and I went to work.  I'll admit, wrapping that darn thing was harder than I thought!

Honestly, the hardest part for me was the Barbie logo on thee front.  You can easily purchase Barbie logo's online for this type of project on Etsy, but for whatever reason I refused to do so because "why would I buy that when it looks so easy to make myself!" - yea...those were my famous last words.  

To make the font, first I made a Barbie logo stencil.  I Googled 'Barbie logo', found the image I liked best, enlarged it on my computer screen, taped a piece of paper over that bad boy and started tracing LOL (don't judge me).  Using my stencils, I cut out each letter on glitter craft paper that I purchased from Michael's and -VIOLA! - a homemade Barbie logo and hand cramps. 

My mind was so focused on getting everything done for the party and that I didn't even think about sharing this on my blog so excuse the photos that were taken with my phone (again, don't judge me). Either way, I hope you enjoy and if you decide to make one of your own share a link or some photos with me!

To see how the party turned out with the Barbie box, click here


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