JustFab: Over The Knee Boots

Hello everyone!  I hope your Monday morning isn't as rainy and foggy as mine. 

I am so sorry for neglecting to post in a while.  The past few weeks have been CRAZY due to a major change in my career.  Again, I apologize but I’m back so let’s get to it!!

These boots have been sitting in the corner of my closet for a good year, never worn.  I have absolutely no good reason for the neglect.  I purchased them from JustFab because I never owned a pair of over the knee boots and I loved the buttons down the front.  I may have tried them on and pranced around the house a little when they finally arrived and then suddenly the hype was gone.  I still love them, but they have been in my closet ever since….out of sight and out of mind.  So, I decided to dust them off and show a little love.

I decided to pair them with a pleated skirt (old) and one of my favorite blazers (old), both from Forever21.  The burgundy tank is from Target and I have on a pair of thick tights I purchased from Marshalls. 

I can’t believe it took me an entire year to wear these boots!  I hope I’m not the only one who does this.  Do you have something in your closet suffering from neglect? lol.   Please share…


  1. Ooh! I really love this color combination. super cute! Thanks for linking up!